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Hello Ladies,

I don’t know about you, but there are seasons in life when I start to listen to dangerous voices. The messages are clearly contradictory to God’s Word, yet they feel awfully convincing.

Perhaps, you’ve been hearing some of these messages lately…

Did God really say?

Surely God won’t mind…

Go ahead and do what feels right to you.

The voice of the enemy will always seem louder than the voice of the Lord.

After all, Satan is a reckless tyrant who will yell, scream, and kick his way into our thought processes.

God, on the other hand, is gentle, kind, and patient. His voice is one of wisdom, truth, and peace.

So, as Christian women, we need to be intentional about tuning out the voice of the enemy, (and our own flesh), and tune in to the voice of God.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

The loud (and convincing) voice of the enemy says…

Follow your gut.

Let your heart lead.

Do what feels right.

Be true to yourself.

The still, small voice of the Holy Spirit says…

Follow Me.

Let Me lead and guide you.

Do what is right according to My word.

Be true to the God who made you.

See the difference?

The enemy disguises lies in the form of great sounding advice. But before long, we find ourselves in a world of hurt, confusion, and discouragement.

After all…

Our “gut” is fueled by our brain, which is susceptible to all sorts of thoughts, imaginations, and erroneous thinking. Only when we TEST our gut feelings in light of the Scriptures can we know we are following the Spirit’s lead.

Our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately sick…who can understand them? (Jeremiah 17:9)

As much as we would like to believe our hearts are pure, we know from past experiences that they can mislead us. There is only One True Guide, and that is the Holy Spirit.

Ladies, the truth is, our feelings change as quickly as the Colorado weather! One day, we feel sweet and loving and the next day we are bitter and ugly. It’s just the way feelings work. When we listen to the voice that says, “Do what feels right,” we are entering dangerous territory. Instead, let’s get into the Word and learn what is right, honorable, and good.

If we’re honest, our true self is usually steeped in self-centeredness and self-gratification. We can (and should) take good care of ourselves, even love ourselves in light of who God made us to be. But when we start down the dangerous path of being “true to self,” we lose sight of the call to remain true to God.

These are some hard teachings, I know. The loud and prevalent messages are easier to hear. And they feel sooo convincing, don’t they?

But please pay careful attention to whose voice you listen to. I know I have to do the same each and every day.

What messages seem to be loudest in your life?

Always an email away,


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