Would've been 16th Anniversary - Divorce Minister

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Well, it is another would have been anniversary today.

I thought I would feel sadder than I do today. It is odd how that first wedding feels like a lifetime away. The person involved seems like a different person than me–even though, I know that’s not true.

This used to be a really hard day for me, but as time has passed and my life has become as awesome as it has with Mrs. DM, it does not bother me as much.

My first marriage that ended in my first wife’s infidelity and abandonment of me is a mere footnote to my life at this point.

I am so grateful for that.

My life is so full these days in ways I could never imagine back during the ending of my first marriage. For example, I would have never imagine that I would become a parrot owner. Yet, today I have five parrots who bring enrichment and daily joy to me.

That is not even mentioning the joy of getting to be a father to Munchkin who fills my soul with laughter and happiness. Even more importantly, that is not mentioning the fun I have with Mrs. DM who is a good, true friend.

For those struggling today, life does get better. God is faithful and rewards faithfulness. This I have found to be true beyond my wildest imagination!

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