Christian youth camp activities that teens will really enjoy

Christian youth camp activities for teens.
Christian youth camp activities help teens socialize with other people and make friends. Image: Jesus Loves Austin|Unsplash

Christian youth camp activities are fun for people of all ages. They are great for group play at camp and other youth gatherings. 

These games have been around for quite some time, and there are ways to play each. Children can learn to work together, make good decisions, and get fresh air in a youth camp. 

Research suggests early childhood socialization is more important for healthy development than academic instruction.

Fun Christian youth activities for teens

While some Christian youth groups within churches focus primarily on religious activities, it varies in what they do. 

Finding fun Christian youth camp activities for teens can be challenging at times. Teenagers are notoriously fickle, and it’s no secret that they become bored quickly.

Various Christian youth camp activities are listed below for youth groups. Leaders, parents, and group members can all benefit from this list.

Minute to Win It

The game’s adaptation makes it ideal for youth groups and summer camps. 

Minute to Win It requires time to set it up varies from very fast to just a few minutes. Players gather as teams and compete against one another in a series of “mini-games.”

M&M’s game

Have everyone in the room choose an M&M from a bag and pass the bags around. The candy color they pick will determine their response to a question.

Throw Away Your Sins

Split the group in half and give each group 30-50 crumpled paper balls. Describe how the balls might be exchanged for the sins of one’s life. If you throw them across the center line, the other team will toss them back at you. 

According to Synonym, you can choose a time limit for each team’s turn to throw the ball. The team with the fewest sin balls in their area at the end of the allotted time is the winner.

Play Ready, Aim, Starburst!

If you’re playing outside, you’ll need tape and a Starbursts or sidewalk chalk bag. Use some rings to create a target on the ground. Put a value on each ring. 

In this activity, you have to pair up the kids. Each player is given 10 candies and 10 attempts to throw them at the target and score points based on where they land. 

A winner may receive a reward or advance to a subsequent round of competition.

Blind Faith Toss

Gather a few plastic cups, a bag of mini marshmallows, and some bandanas. 

Have pairs try to get marshmallows into a plastic cup while the other lies on the floor with the cup resting on their face. After two minutes, the winner will be determined.

Trivia questions about Bible

They earn points when the group responds correctly to the leader’s trivia questions. 

The game’s winner is the one who accumulates the most points by the end of it.

Water balloon/egg toss

A water balloon or egg toss is fun for kids and teens. You may use an egg or a water balloon. In this game, you will stand opposite your partner. 

Guelph Bible CC shared that the egg has to go back and forth between them once. Continue this process until you only have a single player. 

If you want to up the difficulty, have everyone stand still and not move their feet.

Bible Super Bowl

In playing this faith-based game, groups should be divided into two. Prepare some paper with a football field on it. 

The organizer will ask the first team a biblical question. If they get it right, they will receive 10 yards. 

Carry on with the game using standard football procedures, and call timeout whenever you like. Time yourself as you respond to questions.

Obstacle Course

The obstacles on the route should require crawling, walking, balancing, etc. 

If you need to replace easier tasks, use everyday household items like chairs or boxes.

In the “go” signal, everyone on the obstacle course attempts to complete it while following the rules. The player who is first on the finish line wins the game. 

In most cases, teams can compete in an obstacle course. Participants may tag another to continue or complete a different section whenever they finish an obstacle.

Gaga Ball

Build a “pit” in the church’s fellowship hall or another open space. 

When the ball is tossed into the “pit” where all the kids are standing, anyone can take a swing at it. If it lands below a player’s knee, they’re out. 

According to We Have Kids, players are eliminated if their thrown ball is seized in midair. When there is just one player left, the game is over.

Importance of Christian youth camp activities to teens

Teens benefit spiritually from attending youth camp because of the camp’s emphasis on the Bible and the Christian community.

Youth camps provide a unique environment for youngsters to form bonds with one another. Teens can learn about Christianity and make new friends with Christian youth camp activities.

Organizers encourage teens to go on adventures and see God’s creation for themselves. Also, they dive deep into their faith while exploring the world with other Christians.

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