Friday's Featured Sermon: "4 Marks of the Man of God"

(Photo: Unsplash)

This post was first published in February, 2017. —ed.

What defines a godly man? That’s an important question, considering the kaleidoscope of people today who claim to represent and speak on behalf of God.

We’ve all seen enough frauds to know that self-definition proves nothing. So how can we discern those who are God’s true ministers and shepherds? We need to appeal to a higher standard in order to know the defining characteristics of a true man of God.

John MacArthur does exactly that in his sermon, “4 Marks of the Man of God.” In this message, he points us directly to God’s perfect written revelation—specifically 1 Timothy 6:11–14—to describe the four character traits of a godly man:

  1. The godly man is known by what he flees from.
  2. The godly man is known by what he follows after.
  3. The godly man is known by what he fights for.
  4. The godly man is known by what he is faithful to.

As you would expect, John explains those four defining marks in explicit biblical detail. Moreover, his great passion for seeing godly men raised up as leaders of Christ’s church is evident throughout his message.

But the application of this sermon goes far beyond the bounds of pastoral ministry. “4 Marks of the Man of God” is a powerful blueprint for how all Christian men should labor to glorify God as priests in their homes, as ambassadors in their workplaces, and as evangelists in their mission fields.

Our character as Christians will always do one of two things—adorn Christ’s message or bring reproach upon His glorious name. The same goes for those who teach us on His behalf. The need has never been greater to discern the qualities that ultimately define a true man of God.