Happy Father's Day to my fellow faithful dads! - Divorce Minister

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When everything went to pieces, I was grieving the thought that I might never get to be a dad. Well, that all changed when I married Mrs. DM. Instantly, I became a dad to Munchkin.

God restores dreams!

Also, I am so grateful for my own dad. He has been a rock in my life. I’ve been told I’ve become that to others, and I hope so as it would be an honor to be like my dad in this way.

In addition to my dad, I am grateful for Mrs. DM’s dad. My father-in-law is a great support to us. I really married into a wonderful family.

Here’s a song by Owl City that is perfect in honoring dads on Father’s Day:

*I also acknowledge that this can be a difficult day to celebrate for those with painful relationships with fathers. Be gentle with yourself. Know that you have a Perfect Father in Heaven that loves you perfectly.