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Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

-John 3:20, NIV

A Christian whose mind was not held captive by lies and deception would be ashamed of his or her cheating behavior. They would be focused on what they did as opposed to containing what people thought of them.

Yet that is not how many cheaters think.

They are more worried about people knowing about what they did than doing what they did. 

It is completely backwards. However, that is how lies distort the cheater’s world. They have refused to walk in the light, because they love the darkness and the deeds of the darkness.

This stance manifests in the cheater raging when they learn about the faithful spouse actually telling someone about their cheating. They want to be able to manipulate people, and this puts a serious crimp in their game.

After all, it is a harder sell to convince people the faithful spouse is the problem when one is actively cheating on said spouse.

The cheater who is focused on this is already gone. They are not sorry for what they did. The only thing they want is the forbidden fruit without the consequences. Too bad, that is not how reality works.


*A version of this post ran previously.

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