Podcast: When Your Christian Husband Looks at Other Women: Marriage, Lust, and Body Image with Guest, Rachael Gilbert

Today’s episode just may change your life and your marriage. Especially if you’ve ever felt frustrated that your Christian husband looks at other women.

If you’ve ever struggled with wondering if you are “good enough” for your husband, physically . . . if you’ve ever stressed that your marriage may be over because you’re putting on weight (or pregnant and putting on weight) . . . If you’ve ever seen him check out another woman and felt that stab of pain in your heart . . .OR, if you’ve ever dealt with a struggle with pornography in your marriage. . . This episode is a MUST listen or watch for you.

Today my friend Rachael Gilbert and I get real about all things body image and lust. How to help your husband if this is a struggle in your marriage, and most importantly, how to find freedom if this struggle keeps you bogged down or in the pit of frustration!

Listen and share with your friends — even though they’re not talking about it, chances are, they need this encouragement too.

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