Do People Think I Don’t Care About Health? Intuitive Eating Coaching Call

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On today’s Intuitive Eating coaching call, Heather and her coaches, Char-Lee Cassel and Erin Todd of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women Podcast, talk about how we stress over what other people think of us as we back away from dieting and grow more comfortable with food freedom. Our conversation goes many directions as we explore topics like:

How do you talk to a friend who has been told that she has to lose weight for health reasons? How can we stay humble and not get prideful in believing we “know” a better answer than others? How can we truly learn not to worry about what other people think of us as we change size or shape? We discuss why weight loss does not meet the guidelines for a “sound” prescription, yet it’s still given out like the cure-all pill. We also discuss how even the church has gotten this confused and spent too much time promoting health as a certain body type. Listen to today’s conversation and let us know what you think!

Here’s a link to Erin Todd’s Litany of Humility – A Prayer for Dieter’s that was read at the end of today’s show:

Do People Think I Don’t Care About My Health? Has This Ever Been a Concern For You?

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