A Hymn

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Written by my husband.

It was not me upon the cross
Although it should have been
And carried I on shredded back
That cursed bloody beam
But when the saviour cried alas
“Lord take from me this cup”
He did resolve to die for me,
And gave his body up.

And when the Father put on him
My sins and their disgrace,
He poured out wrath upon His son
And killed him in my place.
Our minds this glory cannot hold 
Such love we scarce can know,
But endless ages shall reveal
This triune love o’erflow.

And so we yield with hearts of grief
For grace demands no more
Than trust in Christ’s atoning work
and turn from Satan’s store
Now sturdied for the narrow path
By grace each morning fresh,
We walk with cross on broken back
With joy to glorious death

The Holy Spirit so provides
The graces bought by Christ
Who’s victory o’er the grave unlocked
The gates of paradise
Fruit and gifts of indwelt Spirit
Bountifully supplied
Are given now as gifts of love
Unto the Saviour’s bride.

Now in Christ there none remains
The former fears within
For Satan, flesh, and hell and death,
Are used for good by Him
For he who did not spare His Son
How now can he withhold
The blessings of his Kingdom come
And there his love unfold.

Heaven’s glory, simply this:
Our God and Him alone.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Welcoming us home.
And when around his throne we stand
This thought our hearts should thrill
It was not this our sins deserved
But God has loved us still

Think it not that we deserved
Nor should it ever be
That we eternal life should live
Unveiled his glory see.
But that dear Lamb of God you won
When finished was your work
Ascended to the Father’s side
Yet with us in your Church.


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