Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Death Through Adam; Life Through Christ”

Adam’s fall in the Garden of Eden is widely regarded as fiction these days. Even professing Christians capitulate to the evolutionary zeitgeist, redefining the early chapters of Genesis as nothing more than metaphor. But the empirical proof of mankind’s fall into sin is evident all around us.

We don’t have to teach our children how to lie or be selfish. They all come preprogrammed to sin. And any honest self-examination will reveal the exact same problem resides in each of us. Adam’s nature has been passed on to all of his descendants.

Even more concrete is the fact that we all die. And it’s our inborn sinful nature that is actually killing us. That stark reality should directly point us to our undeniable place in Adam’s family tree. It should also awaken in us the need for a remedy to mankind’s doomed destiny.

John MacArthur’s sermon “Death Through Adam; Life Through Christ” points us to the only possible solution.

Two men have affected the whole of the human race for time and eternity more than all others. . . . Two men in a single act have made a greater impact on the world than all other people and all other acts combined and multiplied infinitely. You say who are these two men? Adam and Christ. Why is that so? Because Adam brought death and Christ brought life. Those are the two greatest influences, death and life. And if we are to understand that one person by one act can affect dramatically all of human history, then we must understand Adam and Christ.

John’s message explains the representative nature of both Adam’s and Christ’s lives. Furthermore, he explains the inseparable nature of both truths. We can’t embrace Christ’s work done on our behalf without acknowledging our complicity in Adam’s guilt before God.

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