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Have you read the book, Think and Grow Rich? If you have, then, you should be familiar with the content of this post.

However, if you have not read the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, you need to get down to the bookstore very quickly to get a copy.

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What’s special about Think and Grow Rich book?

The special thing about the Think and Grow Rich book is that if you’re truly interested in improving your financial well-being, you need to read the book. Napoleon Hill did a good job many years ago to put together that masterpiece.

Well, you may want to say that Napoleon Hill was not a Christian during his days and the book, Think and Grow Rich contains some contents that are not bible-compliant.

Yes, I agree. But the book also contains some good content that is bible-compliant. So, you can just take your eyes away from the contents you don’t like and fix your attention on the ones you like.

I must confess that there are many contents in this book that are bible-compliant. I have read it many times and I have gained tremendous value from this book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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Bible angle to Think and Grow Rich book

I was deeply in love with this book as a Christian so I decided to write a biblical angle to it. I noticed that the book has blessed lots of lives over the years, including Christians and even ministers of God, so I felt (I was inspired by God’s Spirit) I can help more Christians to read and enjoy the book.

You will be reading the introduction to this book which is now published on Amazon and other stores online below.

In case you need a copy, you can get your copy here on Amazon.

Introduction to the book Think and Grow Rich

This is the introduction section of the book, Think and Grow Rich:

I was under the ministration of my Christian spiritual mentor some years ago in a church service and he said, “…the book, Think and Grow Rich had a lot of impact on me the first time I read it as a young Christian… It went a long way to change my mentality about creating wealth…” He added, “Almost every successful personality I have met has said one good thing or the other about this book.”

After the church service on that day and as I headed back home, the last part of his statement, “Almost every successful personality I have met has said one good thing or the other about this book.” crept back into my mind and I could not shake it off until I got back home.

Then, finally, this statement helped me to recollect how in almost all the success, wealth-building seminars I have attended, the lecturers or speakers, or facilitators have spoken glowingly about this book. It was after reading a wealth-building article from one of my business mentors where he wrote about how the book had helped him that I rushed to the bookstore to purchase it some years back. That was some years before my spiritual mentor’s sermon at the church service.

After recollecting how the book had made an impact on me and helped me when I first read it, I couldn’t agree less with my spiritual mentor, business mentor, and others who have commented positively about the book.

An idea flashed through my mind

After the last part of my mentor’s statement got me thinking, God’s Spirit puts an idea into my heart on the need to write a bible version or bible angle to the principles shared in the book.

I knew already that Mr. Hill tried to write a ‘general interest’ book that could be readily used by all and sundry irrespective of color, race, religion, country, and so on. But some Christians would naturally not show interest in the book because it does not share biblical passages and texts.

While researching what Christians think about the book, Think and Grow Rich, my initial thought was confirmed as I read how some Christians called the book, ‘anti-Christian material.’

The question

Now, the question is: Should Christians show apathy to a book that shares some principles that the Bible teaches and which has helped lots of people to go on the path of riches and wealth, and prosperity?

My simple answer to that question is, ‘No.’ The Bible advises us to ‘go to the ants and learn their ways.’ {Proverbs 6:6). The bible did not tell us that these ‘ants’ should only be Christians. In as much as they have used godly principles to achieve an end or a result, we should be able to learn from them. I am going to write more about this in this book.

I believe a very strong introduction of this type is necessary for this book so that my intended audience will be able to readily embrace the content of this book and learn adequately and effectively from it. If you have purchased this book and are reading it now, you are a part of this intended audience.

Back to the idea from the Holy Spirit

Therefore it was easier for me to comprehend and accept the idea and challenges to write a biblical version of principles taught in the book as inspired in my heart by the Holy Spirit. If the book has helped lots of successful people {including renowned ministers of the gospel of Jesus), then the bible version will reach more and help more people.

The Bible teaches every great success principle

I have always (and forever will) believe that every godly or good principle for any positive development in any area of humanity is discussed and taught in the bible. Every success nugget you will ever need is right there inside the bible. You will need to fish them out for your use. Proverbs 24: 14 says, “If you have found it, there is a prospect, and your hope will not be cut off.” You must search them out to find them.

Apart from this belief, the Holy Spirit has shown me over time from the pages of the bible, interesting bible success, wealth, or business or personal development secrets. I have posted these types of content on my blog at

These contents have blessed lots of people online and offline for many years now. With this belief and insight, I felt, to the glory of God very much capable to undergo this laudable project. All thanks to the Holy Spirit of God for His help all through.

2-volume installment

Finally, under this introduction section of the book, let me inform you that I have decided to release this project in two installments (volumes 1 and 2). The reason for this is that I want you to take your time to read, study and internalize the messages from this book and also the many references to the book, Think and Grow Rich.

You will also notice that we have some work assignments and content for you throughout the book. I believe you need to devote enough time to study the volume 1 contents before you can go ahead to study the contents of volume 2. You should note that volume 2 will continue to discuss the remaining principles taught in Think and Grow not covered in Volume 1.

Thank you and please let me read from you.

Please read more about this book on financial intelligence and wealth creation and get a copy on Amazon here 

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