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Before we delve into the topic of spiritual abuse, I want to tell you a little story.

​One day, when I was a teenager, I discovered something interesting about my best friend. We’d been pals since elementary school, shared first names, and had the same initials. Despite those and other exterior similarities, I learned that day we had a character difference.

I realized my friend was capable of keeping secrets.
​In contrast, I told my mom most everything.

​“I wish my Linda would be more forthcoming with me the way your Linda is with you,” I overheard her mother tell my mother.

I realized my friend was capable of keeping secrets. In contrast, I told my mom most everything. I'm not saying my friend's habit was wrong, nor was mine. I relate this story because I’ve not changed all that much over the years.

I'm focused on helping Christians heal from divorce and abuse of all kinds. Spiritual abuse can coerce the victim to stay in unhealthy relationships ... the church and even marriage. I've personally experienced spiritual abuse, but was fortunate to have been able to reject it early on. (Read my story here.) But I do relate and am concerned for those whose spiritual abuse has been devastating. 

I'm all about sharing, but social media gurus caution against providing links beyond one's own blog.

As I began to do research for this blog post, I realized that the Internet sources I found were much more helpful and compelling than anything I could write. I'm all for sharing, but social media gurus caution against providing links beyond one's own blog. Nevertheless, I've decided to direct you to the sources I found helpful.

Instead of summing up these excellent articles, I've curated eight Internet resources that may be of help to those of you who have suffered from spiritual abuse. Here is your free PDF download.

​If you are a Christian who has struggled with divorce and faith, checking out these resources may help you understand what you’ve gone through and give you a road map for the future. My hope is that you’ll return here to this blog where you have an opportunity to use your voice to share your story. Not only will that process help in your own healing, you'll be encouraging others.

Just as the #MeToo movement is changing our culture, our stories can help change the attitude of the Christian church about spiritual abuse. I encourage you to join us.

Linda M. Kurth is a writer and a divorced and remarried Christian. In going through the divorce, she experienced a dichotomy of responses from the Christian community. After sharing some of those experiences in her upcoming memoir, God, the Devil, and Divorce, she's heard many stories of divorced Christians who have struggled with the same issues. This blog invites divorced Christians to tell their stories with the goal of encouraging churches to resist condemnation and become a source of healing and grace.

​Do you have a divorce experience to share? Have you been shamed by a church because of your divorce?  Or encouraged? There are hurting people who would like to hear your story, who need to know they are not alone, and who need to be encouraged. If you are interested in sharing your story, email Linda for guidelines: Linda@LindaMKurth.com

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