Hurting Ukrainians Flooding Into Israeli Field Hospital; Volunteers Make Desperate Plea for U.S. Christian Support

NEW YORK — According to officials, within days of its opening on March 22, nearly a thousand Ukrainians had been treated at the field hospital that Israel’s Red Cross and primarily volunteer emergency response organization—Magen David Adom—is supporting in western Ukraine. Over 16,000 lab tests had also been conducted.

Ninety percent (90%) of the organization’s 30,000 paramedics, EMTs and first responders are volunteers and over 100 tons of medical supplies and equipment have already been flown in from Israel. Because of the overwhelming demand created by Russian’s relentless assault, however, supplies must continually be replenished.

“MDA consists of an incredible number of selfless, courageous volunteers, who have left their families, traveled hundreds of miles from home, and placed themselves in the midst of a dangerous war, in order to save lives,” said Catherine Reed, Chief Executive Officer of the American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA)—the sole authorized fundraising and advocacy organization in the United States supporting MDA.

As for those they’re serving, the organization says people are streaming in from hundreds of miles away. According to one official on site, upon hearing that Israel had opened a hospital in Ukraine, one family desperate for care drove their daughter 48 hours to get there.
“They’re treating everyone who comes in. And right now, the people of Ukraine need them more than ever.”

In light of the need for replenished supplies and support, AFMDA recently launched a Ukraine Emergency Appeal to support EMTs and paramedics working near the conflict, as well as provide lifesaving supplies, equipment, vehicles and services for thousands of Ukrainians seeking temporary or permanent refuge in Israel. There, according to Reed, a humanitarian hotline staffed by Ukrainian and Russian speaking MDA volunteers was established to help refugees locate missing relatives, find medical assistance and navigate social and governmental agencies for needed services.

“We’re working hard to help as many refugees and hurting people as possible, and we will continue to do that, be they in Ukraine or Israel.”