In two weeks, Chumpalooza 1.o kicks off in Maryland! I am so excited to be a part of this conference for faithful spouses–i.e. chumps–where I will get to put faces to online names.

I am scheduled to give two talks at this event:

1. Moral Injury and Why Healing from It Can Be So Difficult

I am planning on unpacking this cutting edge concept from literature addressing the moral and ethical component of trauma. Moral Injury, in my opinion, is why healing from divorcing a cheater is so difficult. In my talk, my hope is to have enough time to go through the ten symptom dimensions of moral injury as they apply to adultery and divorce from a cheater (time permitting).

2. Healing from the Spiritual Trauma of Infidelity

I will dig into many of the concepts addressed on this blog in this topic. In particular, I will deal with the topic of spiritual abuse and the distorted use of texts that are common offenders. Then I will finish with talking about ways to heal from this sort of spiritual trauma.

I hope that I will see some of you all who come to the blog at the conference!

It is exciting to be a part of the beginning of a movement as I believe this is just that. We are changing the narrative and offering comfort to those who have found themselves in similar places. The conference is only a start–that is what I believe, at least.